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Zheng Qingyu

Agricultural Exhibition Center of China, Beijing Preview Exhibition: 18:00-22:00, April 30 Open:May 1- May 3, Open Hours:11:00 - 19:00 2015 Closed at 18:00 on May 3 details
Image Study – the Logic of Presentation in the Wash and Ink Process

So as to build on the art phenomenon that has integrated a number of ongoing cases, connecting the art ecology and the public image of the art museum, so that the art museum enters the “site” where art happens and performs as an “intervention” to some extent. details
Reform Art-system by Ancient Examples

It will connect between a great tradition of Song Dynasty in China and the contemporary western visual techniques. "Old sentiments" and "dreams", the basis of an old form and a new-born spirit are the imaginative integration of time. details
On the other hand brushwork

Date: Dec 5th 2014 - Nov 28th 2014 Location: Lingnan Art Museum details
2014 ART MO International Art Fair

ART MO is an exciting young art fair with an exhibition focus on emerging contemporary art, rare classic artworks and lifestyle product with state of the art quality. details
2014 ART 021

Duration: 12th Nov - 16th Nov, 2014 Venue:BPS Building Artists: Jiang Ji'an, Jiang Zhi, Zhang Jiani, Xu Hualing, Zheng Qingyu, Yang Yu, Ma Lingli,Benoit Basset details
Hue Art in the Contemporary Era —The 9th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings

The exhibition theme "Hue Art in the Contemporary Era" is intended to focus on the existence of hue art and its inner spirit in the contemporary world culture and the transformation of Chinese society and culture, pay close attention to its evolution and challenge in creative languages and cultural inheritance, represent the diversified development paths of contemporary hue art paintings, and demonstrate the latest academic achievements. details
Onward From Concepts

The "Onward From Concepts - 2012 Xingongbi Document Exhibition" holding by Chinese National Academy of Arts and Beijing Caissa Culture Communication Co., Ltd. will open grandly on July 11th, 2012. details
Multi-layered——2012 Contemporary Traditional Chinese Painting Nomination Exhibition

Whether easel painting will disappear? It is not a new topic, since the 1980s, “Neo-expressionism” in Germany, “Neo-realism” in France, and “Super-avant-garde” in Italy have given an answer through a post-modern approach. details
Changing View Round Two –Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ink and Water Art

In the context of cultural diversity, the question of how to interpret contemporary Chinese traditional ink and water art has been a heated issue since the 20th century. details
The Fourth National Youth Fine Art Exhibition

The fourth National Youth Art Exhibition was hold out in National Museum of China. It is understood that the fourth National Youth Art Exhibition had a selection of 128 outstanding works. details
AIMER-Fashion Beauty-First Contemporary Chinese Figure Painting Exhibition

This exhibition is very creatively and close to daily life, use traditional Chinese painting——an ancient art form of modern urban style, is great significance. details
Era imagery – China Art Research Institute Travelling Exhibition

The theme of exhibition is "Era imagery”, designed to promote the painter of the Chinese Painting are more active learning, deep thinking, and more diligent creation, conscious attention to the times of people's livelihood. details
Harmony and Beauty: the First Exhibition of Sichuan Province and Chinese Fine Brush Paintings

Chinese and Western Painting Homologous – China Art Research Young Artists Group Exhibition

“Changing View” Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Gongbi Art

The 11th National Arts Exhibition

The National Art Museum of China is hosting the Eleventh National Art Exhibition, displaying recent Chinese contemporary artworks that won top accolades. The show runs until Feb 3. details
The Nature’s Enlightenment-New Intellectual Artists Exbition

The 4th May New Culture Movement, under the influence of new ideas and new art in the ninety years ago, in large part to shape and guide the course of development of subsequent Chinese modern art, twentieth century, the introduction of Western culture, philosophy boomthe art world has motivated and reflect, and has spread to all levels of awareness, style, media. details
2008 New Person Exhibition of Plastic Art

We want more young artists to actively engage in the new person exhibition of plastic art and with this as their practice, actively take on social responsibility, keep on creating artistic masterpieces that can reflect the spirit and virtue of the national culture, while keeping abreast of the era. details
Idolum•Hypostasis—New Trends of Contemporary Fine-Line Painting

For a long time, contemporariness of indigenous culture has been a focus of academic debate and discussion. It is because that along with the comprehensive economic boom of China, on one hand, China enjoys the rapid development of globalization; on the one hand we are so facing the danger of aphasia of local culture. details