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Zheng Qingyu

Zheng Qingyu
1976 Born in changshu, jiangsu province.
2002 Graduating from Nanjing Arts Institute with a Master¡¯s Degree.
2008 Graduating from the Graduate School of China Art Academy with a Doctor degree.
Majoring in Chinese figure painting and the theory.
2009 Member of China Artists Association.
Present Working at the Graduate School of China Art Academy, fousing on the creation of and
research on Chinese figure painting,

Zheng Qingyu • Exhibitions
From Nature to Mind ¡ª¡ª Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Today Art Museum,Beijing

Image Study ¡ª¡ª Logic of Presentation Ink Wash and Ink Process, Rightview Art Museum,Beijing

Xiamen National Hue Art Painting Exhibition Collections, Xiamen Art Gallery, Xiamen
Reform Art-System by Ancient Examples Contemporary Elaborate-Style Painting Exhibition,Today Art Museum,Beijing 2014 ART MO International Art Fair,Hall B Cotai Expo Venetian Macao,Macao
Reviewing hand brushwork¡ª¡ªAcademic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary hand brushwork Painting£¬Lingnan Art Museum£¬Dongguan
ART021,ROCKBUND, Shanghai
ART BEIJING2014£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
Hue Art ¡ª¡ªChinese hue art paintings invitation exhibition,YMTart,Nanjing

Hue Art in the Contemporary Era ¡ªThe 9th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings,National Art Museum of China, Beijing

Future and Reality ¡ª The 5th Beijing international Art Biennale, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Onward from Concepts ¡ª 2012 XinGongBi Document Exhibition,National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Multi-layered¡ª¡ª2012 Contemporary Traditional Chinese Elaborate-style Painting
Nomination Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
Changing View Round Two ¨CNomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ink and Water Art, Beijing, China

Chinese and Western Painting Homologous ¨C China Art Research Institute Excellent Young Artists Group Exhibition,
Beijing, China
Era imagery ¨C China Art Research Institute Travelling Exhibition, Beijing, Hangzhou, Jinan, Zhengzhou, China
Pastoral Sentiment ¨C Famous Chinese Painting Exhibition, Weifang,China

Changing View Round One ¨CNomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Gongbi Art, Beijing, China

The 11th National Arts Exhibition,Shanghai,China.
The most Talented Young Contemporary Gongbi Artists Exhibition,Zibo,China.
Tian He Art Gallery- Excellent Works of Art Doctor Candidates Exihibition, Zibo, China
The Nature¡¯s Enlightenment-New Intellectual Artists Exbition, Beijing, China

Illusion Essence-Gongbi Style Painting ¡°Modernity¡± Direction Exhibition, Beijing, China
The 21st Century Young Talented Artist Nomination Exhibition, Zibo, China

The Cross-strait Art phd.Candidates Exchange Exhibition,Taipei

The 16th New Artists and New Works Exhibition of China Artists Association,Beijing,China

Zheng Qingyu •Awards
¡°Distant Memory¡±, Merit Award, the 4th China National Art Exhibition£¬Beijing
¡°Distant Memory-Feelings¡±, Fashion Drawing Excellence Award, AMER-Fashion Beauty-First Contemporary Chinese
Figure Painting Exhibition, Beijing

¡°Depature¡±,Silver Prize, the New Formative Artists Exhibition, Beijing

¡°Distant Memories of a small Town¡±, Gold Prize, the National Youth painting and
Calligraphy Exhibition to Celerbrate the 55th Anniversary of the people¡¯s Republic of China,

¡°The March of Western Hunan¡±, Bronze Huang Binhong Prize, Exhibition for New Talents
of Chinese Paintings From Fine Art Education Institutes, Beijing
¡°Grassland in Spring Light ¡±, Merit Award , the 5th National Gongbi style Painting Exhibition, Beijing