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Zhang Jian
Zhang Jian

Zhang Jian
Zhang Jian was born in 1972, in Shanghai.
In 1995, he graduated from the Nanjing Art Institute with a Bachelor's degree in Chinese Painting.
In 1999, he obtained his master's degree from the Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts of Chinese painting. Afterward he taught at Shanghai University until 1999, where he also served as the Deputy Director of the Fine Arts Painting Department.
In 2008 he obtained his PhD. from the China Academy of Art, in Chinese Painting. Zhang Jian is currently serving as the Vice President of the China Academy of Arts.

Zhang Jian•Education
2008 Phd. Chinese Painting, China Academy of Art
1999 MFA Chinese Painting, Nanjing Art Institute
1995 BFA Chinese Painting, Nanjing Art Institute

Zhang Jian• Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
Chinese Ink Painting on Fan-shaped Silk, Sunyard ¡¤Sinceren Art Center, Beijing
Exercise one's Intventive Mind-2016 Famous elaborate,Tongxi Art Center, Nanjing

A New Fine Line: Contemporary Ink Painting From Cina, Center For the Arts,Metropolitan State University, Denver
The Revival of Tradition-Another Approach Contemporary Chinese Art, Javits Center,Newyork
ART BEIJING2015£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
SHUIMO-Meet Revolution the New Silk Road,Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing
Image Study ¡ª¡ª Logic of Presentation Ink Wash and Ink Process, Rightview Art Museum,Beijing

Variation: Contemporary Chinese Ink Art Series II, Hive Centre for Contemporary Art, Beijing
Reform Art-System by Ancient Examples Contemporary Elaborate-Style Painting Exhibition,Today Art Museum,Beijing
2014 ART MO International Art Fair,Hall B Cotai Expo Venetian Macao,Macao
Reviewing hand brushwork¡ª¡ªAcademic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary hand brushwork Painting£¬Lingnan Art Museum£¬Dongguan
ART021,ROCKBUND, Shanghai
ART BEIJING2014£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
She Era,Times Art Museum,Beijing
Transformation from Primordial World,Alioth Art Center,Shanghai
Neologism of Traditional Chinese Painting,Jiangsu Art Museum,Nanjing
Hue Art ¡ª¡ªChinese hue art paintings invitation exhibition,YMTart,Nanjing
Trend of Ink¡¤Abnormal¡ª¡ªThe Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition£¬Zhuzi Arts£¬Nanjing
Experiencing Scenery: Urban Spatail Expressopm in Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting,Shenzen Art Museum,Shenzhen
The Future of China, Shizhuzhai,Nanjing
The 3rd Hangzhou Chinese Painting Biennale,Zhejiang Art Museum,Hangzhou

Hue Art in the Contemporary Era ¡ªThe 9th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings,National Art Museum of China, Beijing
The Revival of Tradition¡ª¡ªChinese Contemporary Art Exhibition ,Tuyap,Turkey
Inner Vision¡ªAn Invitational Exhibition of Xingongbi by Seven Artists,PING Art Space,Taipei
Philosophical Interpretations of Painting¢ò¡ªThe Exhibition of Contemporary Gongbi Painting, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
New Poetry ¡ª Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting,Soka Art Center, Taipei
Turn the imaginary for the real:Allegorical images¡ªInvational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary fine brush artists, Ink Gallery, Nanjing
ART BEIJING2013£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
The Wisdom of The Era¡ªExhibition Tour of AAC,Beijing/Shengzheng/Chengdu/Xi an/Shanghai/Wuhan

2012Biennale of National Meticluous Invational Exhibition,Xiamen Art Museum,Xiamen
Future and Reality ¡ª The 5th Beijing international Art Biennale, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Onward from Concepts ¡ª 2012 XinGongBi Document Exhibition,National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Art • Classics ¡ª Art Collections of China National Academy of Painting, Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing
2012 Art Beijing, National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing
Changing View Round Two ¨CNomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ink and Water Art,Beijing, China
Multi-Layered: A Showcase of Traditional Chinese Ink Painting, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Visual China Asia Exhibition Tour: Special Exhibition of China's Experimental Ink Art, Chinese
Culture Center, Tokyo, Japan
Philosophical Interpretations of Painting, China Space, Beijing,China
North and South Melody , Ink Gallery, Nanjing, China
Wonderful Times-The Invitational Exhibition of 2011 Chinese Gongbi Art Masters, Hefei ,China
Inquiries: Expressions of Contemporary Chinese Painting, Beijing, China
Famous Chinese Painting works Exhibition, Hefei, China
Reproductions of Realism¡ª¡ª5th Annual Chengdu Bienniale, Chengdu, China
2170 Contemporary Chinese Painting exhibition, Nanjing, China
Chinese Painting Exhibition, Beijing, China
"Harmonious homes, beautiful Sichuan" ¡ªThe Academic Exhibition of Chinese Gongbi Art, Sichuan
Museum, Chengdu, China

Images of an Era, Chinese Painting Art Exhibition, China Academy of Art,Second Hospital, Beijing, Hangzhou, Jinan, Zhengzhou
Collegiate Classics, Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Wuhan, Beijing, China
Outlook-New Exhibition, Fine-detail award nomination, Beijing, China
Chinese Demeanor: Tian Liming, Jiang Hongwei, Chen Ping, Beijing, China
"A Few Heroes" 2170, Contemporary Chinese Figure-painting Exhibition Nanjing, China
Changing View Round One ¨CNomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Gongbi Art, Beijing,China
Edge of an Era, Beijing, China
Impressions: Ten Contemporary Chinese Artists' Showcase, Beijing, China

Pictorial Invitational, Contemporary Chinese Painting, Beijing, China
Department of Traditional Chinese Art, Academic showcase of Traditional Chinese Painting, Beijing, China
2170, Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Figure Painting, Nanjing, China
Large and Small, 2nd annual Small Chinese Painting Works Invitational, Beijing, China
Chinese Bearings: Contemporary Chinese Painting Exhibition, Wuxi,Wenzhou, China

Left hand, Right Hand- the Art of Partners, Shanghai, China
2008's Annual Chinese Figure Painting Exhibition, Guangzhou, China
Mirage: Chinese Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Beijing, China

Dialogues Visualized- Chinese painting and ink portrait exhibition, Beijing, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, China
Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink-painting, Wuhan, Beijing, China
Modern Chinese Painting Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
Grafting- Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Beijing, China

Seoul Young Artists Biennale, Seoul, South Korea
Crossing-Tianjin Contemporary Chinese Painting Exhibition, Tianjin, China
Faces of China, Contemporary Portraiture, Sydney, Australia

Urban Migrants-Contemporary Ink-painting Exhibition, Shanghai, China
Avant-garde Painting Exhibition, Nanjing, China
Art of Today in China, Seoul, Korea
Selected works from the China Art Museum Collection, Beijing, China
First Annual National Youth Arts Gongbi Portrait Exhibition, Beijing, China

First National Youth Gong bi Painting Showcase, Beijing, China
Dreams of the Dragon: Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland
Second place prize, Bronze figure, Beijing, China
Outstanding Merit Award, Tenth Annual National Art Exhibition, Hangzhou/Beijing, China

Tsinghua University, Painting Department Exhibition, Beijing, China
Inheritance and Acceptance- Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Artists, Guangzhou, China
Petite and Delicate, Chinese Painting Invitational, Beijing, China
Chinese Art Today, Beijing, China
Integrated: Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Beijing, China

Shanghai Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China
Maritime Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Shanghai, China
Contemporary Art from Shanghai, Hamburg, Germany

"Return to Origins", Shanghai, China
Works on Paper, 8 person show, Shanghai, China
First Prize, National Youth Arts Exhibition, Shanghai, China
Incheon/Shanghai Youth Art Exchange, Shanghai, China

New Movement: Chinese Painting, Nanjing, China

Jiangsu First University Art Prize, First Place, Nanjing, China
Solo show, Nanjing Art Institute, Nanjing, China

Zhang Jian•Awards and Honors
Second place prize, Bronze figure, Beijing, China

First Prize, National Youth Arts Exhibition, Shanghai, China

First Place, Jiangsu First University Art Prize, Nanjing, China