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Yang Yu

Yang Yu
Yang Yu,Female.
She was born in December, 1983. June, 2005, she graduated from Nanjing Art College, Fine Art Institution, bachelor Chinese Figure Painting. In September, 2007, she studied as Nanjing Art College, master of Chinese Figure Painting, and then studied from Professor Zhou Jingxin.

Yang Yu • Exhibitions
The Golden Rooster Crows Good News¡ª¡ª Nantong Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, Nantong Administrative Center, Nantong
Paintings of Rivers and Seas ¡ª Nantong Institute of Calligraphy and Painting, Chongchuan Art Museum, Nantong
Group of Xieyi ¡ª¡ªNational Academic Exchange Exhibition Tour, AMNUA, Nanjing
ART BEIJING2017£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center
Art Shenzhen2017, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen
Annual Review Exhibition of China Contemporary Ink Painting 2016-2017,Ucity Art Museum of GAFA,Guangzhou
Art Nanjing International Art Fair, Edinburgh Hotel, Nanjing
2017 Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai

Future Form - The Post-80S Ink Painting, Jinling Art Museum, Nanjing
Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai
ART Beijing2016, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing
ART Nanjing2016, Baijinghu Art Mansion, Nanjing
The Fruits of Mid-Autumn, YA JI YUAN Arts Center, Changzhou
ART BEIJING2016£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
2016 Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair£¬Shanghai Exhibition Center£¬Shanghai
Chinese Ink Painting on Fan-shaped Silk, Sunyard ¡¤Sinceren Art Center, Beijing
Exercise one's Intventive Mind-2016 Famous elaborate,Tongxi Art Center, Nanjing

ART TAIPEI, Taipei World Trade Center Hall, Taipei
Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai
Group of Xieyi---Academic InvitationalExhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing
2015 Poly ART UP International Art Fair, Poly International Exhibition Center, Beijing
Koans¡ªChinese Contemporary Academic Nomination Exhibition, Yourun Art Museum, Nanjing
ART Beijing, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing
2180¡ª Chinese Painting Invitational Exhibition, YMT Art Museum, Nanjing
An Anonymous Exhibition, Shengzhi Space, Beijing
Paintings of Rivers and Seas, Nantong Museum, Nantong
Six Cities, Shandong Art Museum, Jinan
Future Form of The Ink Paintings by The Generation after 80S,JingLing Art Museum, Nanjing
Koan-Academic Nomiantion Exhibition for Chinese Contemporary Artists, Yourun Art, Nanjing
Ink Painting Invational Exhibition, Yang Mo Tang Art Gallery, Nanjing
Paintings of Rivers and Seas, Nantong Museum, Nantong
An Anonymous Exhibition- A Visual Game Dominated by Small-Sized Works, Shengzhi Art Space, Beijing
ART BEIJING2015£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing

Chinese Contemporary Youth Ink Yearbook Exhibition¡ªThird Exhibition Form and Spirit, SZ Art Center, Beijing
China Future, Jiangning zhizao Museum, Nanjing
Trend of Ink¡¤Abnormal - The Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition, Zhuzi Arts, Nanjing
Xie Yi Yi Zu¡ª Contemporary Ink Exhibition, Dalian Art Museum, Dalian
Youth Painting • Sentiment of Rivers and Seas, Nantong Administrative Center, Nantong
The Establishment of Jiangsu Province's Chinese Painting Institute, Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing
So Young-Young Artists' Creative Project, Center Museum, Nantong
2014 ART MO International Art Fair,Hall B Cotai Expo Venetian Macao,Macao
ART021,ROCKBUND, Shanghai
2014SH Contemporary Art Exhibition£¬Shanghai Exhibition Center£¬Shanghai
ART BEIJING2014£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
So Young_china young artists project,Nantong Central Art Museum,Nantong
Hue Art ¡ª¡ªChinese hue art paintings invitation exhibition,YMTart,Nanjing

Xie Yi Yi Zu¡ª Second Academic Invitational Exhibition,Liuchen Gallery of Arts &Crafts, Nanjing
Impression of Guisi, Zhuzi Art Gallery, Nanjing
North-South Dialogue ¡ª Chinese Academic Invitational Exhibition, Dushikuaibao Art Center, Hangzhou
Art Nova 100, Laguna, Italy
Art Nova 100, CSU Art Museum, USA
Art Nova 100, 798. Beijing
Ink Energy ¡ª Contemporary Ink Painting Invitional Exhibition, Goodart Center, Nanjing
Inner Vision¡ªAn Invitational Exhibition of Xingongbi by Seven Artists,PING Art Space,Taipei
Turn the imaginary for the real:Allegorical images¡ªInvational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary fine brush artists, Ink Gallery, Nanjing
Bai Hui Han Ying¡ª The first exhibition of private art galleries in Jiangsu,Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, Nanjing
The Wisdom of The Era¡ªExhibition Tour of AAC,Beijing/Shengzheng/Chengdu/Xi an/Shanghai/Wuhan
ART BEIJING2013£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing

The 2nd Sichuan Calligraphy Painting Exhibition, Wenxuan Art Museum. Chengdu
I SEE U 2012, L&a club, Beijing
Meticulous Painting Exhibition in Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou Art Museum, Xuzhou
The Fourth Young Works Exhibtion, Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing
Xie Yi Yi Zu¡ª First Academic Invitational Exhibition, Liuchen Gallery of Arts &Crafts,Nanjing
Onward from Concepts ¡ª 2012 XinGongBi Document Exhibition,National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Tongguan Liufang Round Nine, Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Painting Institue Art Museum, Nanjing,

The Annual Exhibition of The New Generation - Contemporary Ink, Taipei
Mixed Accent of North and South -- Hybrid ¡ª¡ª The Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Young Artists, Nanjing
The 8th International Ink Art Biennale of Shenzhen, Shenzhen
¡°Stare In Front of the Yard ¨C Chinese Youth Meticulous Exhibition¡±, Nantong North and South Melody , Ink Gallery, Nanjing, China
The New Twelve Beauties ¨C Tongguan Liufang, Zhuzi Art Museum, Nanjing

¡°Gorgeous and Modern ¨C Contemporary Meticulous Invitation Exhibition¡±, Nanjing

Mingming was nominated in ¡°Sentimental Imagination ¡®Giant Cup¡¯ Contemporary Undergraduate Art Exhibition¡±
Shan Hai Jing was nominated in ¡°National Founding the 60th Anniversary Jiangsu Provincial Art Exhibition¡±

The Golden Cangue was nominated in ¡°National Founding the 55th Anniversary Jiangsu Provincial Art Exhibition¡±