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Xu Xiaoding

Xu Xiaoding
1983 Born in Wuhan, Hubei Province.
2005 Graduated from China Academy of Art, Printmaking Department,with a Bachelor Degree.
2009 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts,Experimental Art Department,with a Master Degree.
2009-2012 work in Beijing City University.
2016 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts,with a Ph.D
Now work and live in beijing,as an Artist,Curator

Group Exhibitions
FANG CUN Exhibition Yi Shu Dang Dai Xiao Jian Jing Pin Yao Qing Zhan, 81 Art Museum,Beijing
Unspoken Understanding-Xu Bing's Postgraduate and Doctoral Students Exhibition,Wuhan Art Museum,Wuhan
Unspoken Understanding-Xu Bing's Postgraduate and Doctoral Students Exhibition,Ucity Art Museum of GAFA,Guangzhou
“GOAL!”,Goethe-Institut Peking,Beijing
The First Exhibition of Young Artist at the National Art Museum of China, National Art Museum of China,Beijing
Artist at Work, Centro Unesco De Macau,Macao
China Future,Jinling Art Museum,Nanjing
Contemporary Art of Jinchu, Hanya Art Museum,Wuhan
2016Waves on the Grand River-The 3th Tsanhualin Guanlan International Printmaking invitational Exhibition, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Meseum. Wuhan

Caissa Rising Artists—Exhibition for Nominatd Students from Art Academy 2015, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Industrial Presence-2015 Triennial of Chinese Industrial Art Prints,Hubei Art Museum,Wuhan
Reality Dream - Originality by the Academics Creative Art,CAFA Art Museum,Beijing
IMPACT 9 International Printmaking Conference,China Academy of Art,Hangzhou
Nova 100,Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
Diamond Leaves-The 2ND Exhibition of Artists' books From Around the World, CAFA Art Museum,Beijing
Youth Will-Beijing Youth Artists Exhibition,Today Art Museum,Beijing
China First Illustration Art Exhibition,GAFA Art Musem,Guangzhou
First Print Amoy-Young Artists Printmaking Exhibition,TC Gallaria, Xiamen
Cross-Today Art and Fashion Award and Exhibition,Today Art Museum,Beijing

Xu Xiaoding Exchange Exhibition,Malkasten Artists Assocation,Dusseldolf,Germany
Connecting the Future-Youth Art Exhibition of Contemporary Education,K11 Art Foundation,Wuhan
The 12th National Exhibition of Fine Arts, Art Center of Peasant Painting,Jiaxing

China Narrative-The Fourth Chengdu Biennale,Chengdu International Conference and Exhibition Center,Chengdu
Deutschland and China,Wuhan Art Museum,Wuhan
Environment Concern and Human Existence-Beijing National Art Biennale,National Art Museum of China,Beijing