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Xu Hualing
Stories of the Life: Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition

With the artistic creations originating from the artists’ own personal and spiritual experiences, we learn from their unique, vivid stories of life in contemporary China. Stories of the Life comes to Adelaide for an Australian premiere exhibition from Beijing to celebrate Chinese New Year. details
The Revival of Tradition – Another Approach to Contemporary Chinese Art debuted in New York

Dates: May 27 – May 31, 2015 Opening: May 27, 2015 Address: Chinese Cultural Pavilion-Crystal Palace, Javits Center, 655 West 34th Street, New York Producer: Joyce Xu Curator: Tang Zehui details

Agricultural Exhibition Center of China, Beijing Preview Exhibition: 18:00-22:00, April 30 Open:May 1- May 3, Open Hours:11:00 - 19:00 2015 Closed at 18:00 on May 3 details
Image Study – the Logic of Presentation in the Wash and Ink Process

So as to build on the art phenomenon that has integrated a number of ongoing cases, connecting the art ecology and the public image of the art museum, so that the art museum enters the “site” where art happens and performs as an “intervention” to some extent. details
Variation: Contemporary Chinese Ink Art Series II

Variation: Chinese Contemporary Ink Art Series II aims to give an overview of the exploratory figures in contemporary ink and wash painting and their works, introduce and study the aesthetic features that are taking form in this branch of art details
Reform Art-system by Ancient Examples

It will connect between a great tradition of Song Dynasty in China and the contemporary western visual techniques. "Old sentiments" and "dreams", the basis of an old form and a new-born spirit are the imaginative integration of time. It is the most fundamental direction of visual construction for art in the future. details
2014 ART MO International Art Fair

RT MO is an exciting young art fair with an exhibition focus on emerging contemporary art, rare classic artworks and lifestyle product with state of the art quality. details
2014 ART 021

Duration: 12th Nov - 16th Nov, 2014 Venue:BPS Building Artists: Jiang Ji'an, Jiang Zhi, Zhang Jiani, Xu Hualing, Zheng Qingyu, Yang Yu, Ma Lingli,Benoit Basset details
Form and Spirit Chinese Contemporary Youth Ink Yearbook Exhibition The Third Exhibition

Duration:9th Nov - 20th Nov,2014 Venue:SZ Art Center Artists:Deng Xianxian / Li Jun / Li Tingting / Pan Wenxun / Peng Jian / Peng Wei / Wu Xuelian / Xu Hualing / Yang Yu / Zhu zhengming details
Experiencing Scenery:Urban Spatial Expression in Chinese Contemporary Ink painting

Host: Shenzhen Art Museum Date: Oct 29th 2014 - Nov 18th 2014 Location: Shenzhen Art Museum Curators: You Jiang Zhu Xiaojun Song Pei details
Painted Skin: Five Female Ink Artists

Host: Hive Center for Contemporary Art Date: Sep 20 - Oct 20, 2014 Artists: Gao Qian /Pan Wenxun /Xu Hualing /Zhang Yanzi /Zhu Zhengming details
2014 SH Contemporary

Debuted in 2007 and with a growing reputation as one of the most prestigious art fair in Asia, BolognaFiere SH Contemporary is now the channel for Chinese contemporary art attracting large amount of collectors, art lovers and VIP's from across the world. details
Exploring New Dimensions

Though the works exhibits are made of different materials for different themes, they all present the humanistic concern and gracefulness, which are sincere and thought-provoking. details

Our aim when N12 was established was very clear: we needed more opportunities to exhibit and gain exposure. As time went on, each member’s career gradually took off, such that by the fifth exhibition, we hope to present an exhibition and structural appearance of a different kind of artist group. details
Hue Art in the Contemporary Era —The 9th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings

The exhibition theme "Hue Art in the Contemporary Era" is intended to focus on the existence of hue art and its inner spirit in the contemporary world culture and the transformation of Chinese society and culture, pay close attention to its evolution and challenge in creative languages and cultural inheritance, represent the diversified development paths of contemporary hue art paintings, and demonstrate the latest academic achievements. details
The Revival of Tradition——Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

Ms.Xu Hualing’s Chinese realistic painting deliberately weakens the traditionally much-valued delineation, and creates the unique spirit of Chinese painting with elaborate rendering. details
Inner Vision: An Invitational Exhibition of Xingongbi by Seven Artists

Xu Hualing’s creations break down the limits of easel-mounted art; they contemplate “selfhood” and reveal the individual’s experience of survival. details
L'écriture féminine- works on paper and installation group exhibition

Onward From Concepts

The "Onward From Concepts - 2012 Xingongbi Document Exhibition" holding by Chinese National Academy of Arts and Beijing Caissa Culture Communication Co., Ltd. will open grandly on July 11th, 2012. details
2012 Art Beijing

Nowadays more and more Chinese collectors of arts express deep interest and enthusiasm about Western artworks, attracting many European art galleries to set their gaze on China. details