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Lei Miao

Agricultural Exhibition Center of China, Beijing Preview Exhibition: 18:00-22:00, April 30 Open:May 1- May 3, Open Hours:11:00 - 19:00 2015 Closed at 18:00 on May 3 details
Image Study – the Logic of Presentation in the Wash and Ink Process

so as to build on the art phenomenon that has integrated a number of ongoing cases, connecting the art ecology and the public image of the art museum, so that the art museum enters the “site” where art happens and performs as an “intervention” to some extent. details
On the other hand brushwork

Date: Dec 5th 2014 - Nov 28th 2014 Location: Lingnan Art Museum details
2014 SH Contemporary

A selection of world's leading modern and contemporary art galleries displaying paintings, sculptures, installations, drawings, photography, film, video, and digital art. details
L'écriture féminine- works on paper and installation group exhibition

Onward From Concepts

The "Onward From Concepts - 2012 Xingongbi Document Exhibition" holding by Chinese National Academy of Arts and Beijing Caissa Culture Communication Co., Ltd. will open grandly on July 11th, 2012. details
Multi-layered——2012 Contemporary Traditional Chinese Painting Nomination Exhibition

Whether easel painting will disappear? It is not a new topic, since the 1980s, “Neo-expressionism” in Germany, “Neo-realism” in France, details
Tongguan Liufang Round Nine

Lei Miao’s paintings are quiet and mysterious, perfectly combine Sincere and simple. She constructs her own style between quite, mysterious, sincere and simple details
Hybrid Accents: Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Young Painters of Chinese Painting

Fine brush painters push the formal linguistics and image condition of modern fine brush painting to a brand new level. Apart from the quickness to absorb foreign artistic elements, details
Harmony and Beauty

Currently a major problem facing Sichuan artists is how to promote the inheritance and development of Sichuan civilization, construct the modernity of Sichuan painting linguistics and details
Full Bloom——works by Six Female Chinese Artists

Writing and reading is a thing of beauty. Painting on paper is even more so. details
Reshaping History —— Chinart from 2000 to 2009

The first decade (2000-2009) of this new century is hastening in its close. The Modernist movement initiated in 1980s has made numerous significant achievements in the new century after the political and cultural transition under the market economy of 1990s. details
New Frontier of Ink Painting-Suzhou Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition

Tremendous changes have taken place in all levels of Chinese society since 1979. Young artists always stand on the top of the waves of history in all the great changes of society and politics. details
Academic Invitation Exhibition of China Outstanding Fine Brush Artists

This exhibition collected the latest masterpieces of fine arts institution faculties across the nation and contemporary fine brush artists, displaying the contemporary details
"Classical and Simple": Four-person Exhibition of Contemporary Fine Brush Painting

Lei Miao, Zhang Jian, Gao Qian and Deng Xianxian are a cohort of young artists of Chuancheng Art Centre who have been cooperating with one another since 2004. details
Idolum•Hypostasis—New Trends of Contemporary Fine-Line Painting

For a long time, contemporariness of indigenous culture has been a focus of academic debate and discussion. It is because that along with the comprehensive economic boom of China, details
Epoch and Classical: 2008 Academic Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Painting

Chinese paintings with its rich history have always been evolving in time and space. In the contemporary painting field various new artistic linguistic forms have appeared, with varied value judgements and aesthetic pursuits. details
The Standard of Silence: Chinese Contemporary art will be possible

Slowness, fullness and casualness are ways solemnity inspects and handles contemporary reality. details
2007 Chinese Exhibition of One Hundred Nanjing Artists

The Chinese Exhibition of One Hundred Nanjing Artists is a fine art brand event with salient features within the nation. details
Reboot——The Third Chengdu Biennale

In recent years, as China has experienced a dramatic economic boom, the country’s contemporary art has become the object of widespread international interest. details