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Jiang Ji'an
Zao Hua – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

“zao hua” is a word that carries broad meaning, primarily divided into two main categories. The first of which refers to luck or fortune, while the second refers to the natural world, naturally occurring phenomena, as well as related ideas. details
Painting: Twenty Multipied by Twenty

Painting is always a self-inspection through artists and the possibility of painting lies in painting itself; artists struggle for the vitality of painting through denying and resisting against painting. Painting could present itself with any ways and methods, and keep an immortal tenacity. details
Rest on Water and Gargle with Stone- Chinese Contemporary Literati Art

The Revival of Tradition – Another Approach to Contemporary Chinese Art debuted in New York

The contemporary has historical dimensions, with the individual unique and specific creative practice they find a meeting point in traditional and contemporary, and have a in-depth discovery and extension. details

Agricultural Exhibition Center of China, Beijing Preview Exhibition: 18:00-22:00, April 30 Open:May 1- May 3, Open Hours:11:00 - 19:00 2015 Closed at 18:00 on May 3 details
Inspired by Fashion

Their attitudes toward the confluence of art and fashion provide us with interesting angles to learn about contemporary Chinese society. details
Variation: Contemporary Chinese Ink Art Series II

Variation: Chinese Contemporary Ink Art Series II aims to give an overview of the exploratory figures in contemporary ink and wash painting and their works, introduce and study the aesthetic features that are taking form in this branch of art, and rediscover, re-evaluate and redefine its contemporary significance and academic value, so as to turn it into a new motive power in the global art scene. details

From tea leaves he creates paper and ink to recreate an image of tea – the artist pushing matter to analmost illusion of it. Illusion which he creates with his installations, playingwith the shadows of things, drawing attention to something one so easily forgets, being too focusedon the things themselves and not the shadows they cast. details
2014 ART MO International Art Fair

ART MO is an exciting young art fair with an exhibition focus on emerging contemporary art, rare classic artworks and lifestyle product with state of the art quality. details
2014 ART 021

Duration: 12th Nov - 16th Nov, 2014 Venue:BPS Building Artists: Jiang Ji'an, Jiang Zhi, Zhang Jiani, Xu Hualing, Zheng Qingyu, Yang Yu, Ma Lingli,Benoit Basset details
Soft Abstraction asConstellation

By revisiting the constitutivestructure of painting, this series reconfigures the relation between “paintingand subject.”。 details
SH Contemporary

Chinese Contemporary Youth Ink Yearbook Exhibition

It is an important environment for us to study contemporary ink art, while we face a challenge in how to support and promote it in an academic way. In the face of domestic “hot ink” trend, it was also very important for the artists to adhere to an academic training in such an environment. details
Non-Being · Emptiness: An Intellectual Dimension of Contemporary Art

In this exhibition’s artworks there is a performative awareness in the creative act which relies on applied rationality and mindfulness. A cautious, painstaking state of creative work turns each line, stroke, wash, paste-up and plait into a ritual act for encountering one’s own feelings and life-force. details

In the attempt lies an important trait or branch, i.e.what we areabout to explore manual machines. When translated into theory, the praisefor machines by Le Corbusier, a pioneer of modern architecture, becomes the so-called “machine aesthetics”. details
Hue Art in the Contemporary Era —The 9th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings

The exhibition theme "Hue Art in the Contemporary Era" is intended to focus on the existence of hue art and its inner spirit in the contemporary world culture and the transformation of Chinese society and culture, pay close attention to its evolution and challenge in creative languages and cultural inheritance, represent the diversified development paths of contemporary hue art paintings, and demonstrate the latest academic achievements. details
The Revival of Tradition——Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

Mr.Jiang Ji’an involves himself in traditional painting, attempting to cancel the established logic and order concerning theme, media and painting materials in artworks and reconstruct the relationship between ready-made things and painting works. details
Inner Vision: An Invitational Exhibition of Xingongbi by Seven Artists

The 60s Generation artist Jiang Ji’an unfolds his creations over a conceptual domain, with the aim of revising structural relations in art. He hopes to promote philosophical scrutiny that will shift Chinese painting in the direction of contemporary art. details
Between Reproductions

On November 17th, Triumph Art Space will hold the exhibition Between Reproductions: Dual Exhibition of Minto Fang & Jiang Ji’an, which presents the two artists’ works of different expressive genres in the same space. details
Duchamp’Inframince in Painting

“Infra-mince” is a mysterious concept that Marcel Duchamp proposed when pondering the possibilities of the readymade object and art, one which attempts to open up a subtle channel between the self and others. Through this, Duchamp meditated on a new possibility for art, involving the opening of a channel to the fourth dimension using any object. details