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Jiang Ji'an
Jiang Ji'an

Jiang Ji'an • Artist
1967 Born in Yantai, Shandong Province
1987 Bachelor Degree in Art School of Shandong Normal University, major in Chinese Painting
1992 Master Degree in China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)
now resident in Beijing

Jiang Ji'an • Exhibitions
¡¾ZHENG MO¡¿Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition,Artron Art Centre,Shenzhen
Windows, the Eye of Gardens,China Garden Museum,Beijing
Enclave on the Covers,Enclave Contemporary,Shenzhen

GFAA Guardian Fine Art Asia 2020,Cguardianart,Beijing
The Revival of Tradition Another Approach to Contemporary Chinese Art,Song Art Museum, Beijing
Art of Post Traditional Era, Chengdu Eastern Suburb -International Art Exhibition Center,Chengdu
2020Art Shenzhen, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen
From Treatise on superfluous things,Jinji Lake Biennale,Suzhou
Tribute to traditional contemporary paper works of art,Today Art Museum,Beijing

2019 Art Yangzte,Nanjing International Exhibition Center,Nanjing
iInk as Philosophy,yigalleryart,Shanghai
Parergon-China Ink Art First Exhibition, No.22 Nanxincang,Beijing
JINGART2019£¬Beijing Exhibition Center,Beijing
ART BEIJING2019,Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
Anticipation, Galerie Ora-Ora,Hong Kong

New Ink Art in China1978-2018,Minsheng Art Museum,Beijing
The Hidden Matter,Asia Art Center,Beijing
Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai
Art Shenzhen, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen
Beijing@Contemporary,Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
Art Central 2018,Central Harborfront Hong Kong
Art Yangtze2018,Nanjing International Exhibition Center,Nanjing
ART BEIJING2018,Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
Material and Charting,AMUNA,Nanjing

Simul-taneous Eidos¡ª Guangzhou Image Triennial 2017, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou
Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai
Art Shenzhen, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen
Chinese Narrative, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong
A New Collection of Poetry, Art Museum of Nanjing University of Arts, Nanjing
Memory and Contemporaneity, Venetian Arsenale,Venice
The Branch, Tea House, Beijing
ART BEIJING2017£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
Art Fair Tokyo 2017, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
In - Between Object and Shadow¡ª¡ªSolo Exhibition of Jiang Ji'an£¬Asia Art Center£¬Beijing
Hue Art in the Contemporary Era ¡ªThe 10th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings,National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Ready-made Painting, Ying Art Center, Shanghai
Annual Review Exhibition of China Contemporary Ink Painting, Today Art Museum, Beijing
The Working of Non-Figurative System:Research Room III, Right View Art Museum, Beijing
Being and Inking-Documenting Contemporary Ink Art 2001-2016, RMCA, Guangzhou
ART BEIJING2016£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
2016 Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair£¬Shanghai Exhibition Center£¬Shanghai
Contacts¡¤Under Heaven - Contemporary Shuimo Documenta 2001-2016, Redtory Museum od Contemporary Art, Guangzhou
Power of Self-belief, Alioth Art Center, Shanghai
Zao Hua - Chinese contemporary Art Exhibition,Salamanca Arts Centre, Australia
Narrative of Spirituality - Secularization of Abstract Art ,Art 100 Gallery, Honkong
China Line-School Art Contemporary Research Exhibition, Epoch Art Museum, Wenzhou
YiWenBen - Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, Athens Art Center, Athen

The Exhibition of Annual of Contemporary Art of China 2014, Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing
YiWenBen - Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, Saluzzo Art center, Italy
Phraseology of Subtlety, Alioth Art Center, Shanghai
Six Cities, Shandong Art Museum, Jinan
Magnanimous, World Art Museum, Beijing
A Beautiful New World, International Contemporary Art Exhibition Center, Nanjing
ART TAIPEI, Taipei World Trade Center Hall, Taipei
Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai
Painting 20x20, Poly Art Museum, Beijing
Color of China, Asia Art Center, Beijing
Rest on Water and Gargle with Stone-Chinese Contemporary Literati Art,Asia Art Center , Beijing
Epoch Writting-Chinese Contemporary Invitational Exhibition(The First Round),Epoch Art Museum,Wenzhou
Inframince: Aura of Nature, Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing
The Revival of Tradition-Another Approach Contemporary Chinese Art, Javits Center,Newyork
The Spectres in The Double Shadow,Alioth Art Center,Shanghai
Post-Calligraphy in Chinese Contemporary Art,Kunstraum Villa Friede,Bonn
ART BEIJING2015£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
SHUIMO-Meet Revolution the New Silk Road,Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing
Art Basel Hong Kong,Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,Hongkong
An Anonymous Exhibition- A Visual Game Dominated By Small Sized Works, Shengzhi Art, Beijing
Inspired by Fashion¡ª¡ªAn Exhibition of Art and Fashion Crossover Pieces£¬Poly Gallery£¬Hongkong

Xiamen National Hue Art Painting Exhibition Collections, Xiamen Art Gallery, Xiamen
Variation: Contemporary Chinese Ink Art Series II, Hive Centre for Contemporary Art, Beijing
Meaning/Matter:Li Hongbo/Jiang Ji'an/Huang Rui, MD Gallery, Shanghai
2014 Art Mo International Art Fair, Cotai Expo Venetian Macao, Macao
2014 Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair£¬RockBund£¬Shanghai
Future Returns: Contemporary Art from China, Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum ,USA
Soft Abstraction as Constellation£¬UCCA store£¬Beijing
Trend of Ink¡¤Abnormal¡ª¡ªThe Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition£¬Zhuzi Arts£¬Nanjing
2014SH Contemporary Art Exhibition£¬Shanghai Exhibition Center£¬Shanghai
Chinese Contemporary Youth Ink Yearbook Exhibition£¬SZ Art Center£¬Beijing
Awakening Intuition of China£¬Enjoy Art Museum£¬Beijing
Non-Being¡¤Emptiness£ºAn Intellectual Dimension of Contemporary Art£¬Tokyo Gallery+BTAP£¬Beijing
I-Inkness¡ª¡ªThe Invitational Exhibition of Ink£¬ZHC Art Space£¬Beijing
Neologism of Traditional Chinese Painting,Jiangsu Art Museum,Nanjing
Flowing Ink Art¡ª¡ª2013-2014 Chinese ink art painting Biennale,Times Art Museum,Beijing
ART BEIJING2014£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
Manual Machines, Art Seasons,Beijing
Hue Art ¡ª¡ªChinese hue art paintings invitation exhibition,YMTart,Nanjing

Flowing Ink Art¡ª2013 Chinese Ink Art Painting Biennale, KIChuang Gallery, Guangzhou
The Third Session of Institutional Classics Exhibition of Well-known Artist of Art Institutes in China, Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan
Impression of Guisi, Zhuzi Art Gallery, Nanjing
Hue Art in the Contemporary Era ¡ªThe 9th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings,National Art Museum of China, Beijing
The Revival of Tradition¡ª¡ªChinese Contemporary Art Exhibition ,Tuyap,Turkey
1990-2012 Chinese Contemporary ink exhibition,ZHONG Gallery,Berlin
Inner Vision¡ªAn Invitational Exhibition of Xingongbi by Seven Artists,PING Art Space,Taipei
Pulse Reaction¡ª An Exchange Project on Art Practices,Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
Philosophical Interpretations of Painting¢ò¡ªThe Exhibition of Contemporary Gongbi Painting, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
The Way of Rejuvenation¡ªThe Historical Exhibition of Beijing Art Institute of Chinese Gong Bi Painting,Seal Art Museum
Chinese Contemporary Ink¡ªInvitational Exhibition of Arttrees,Tree Art Meseum,Beijing
New Ink,Hihey Art Center, Beijing
New Poetry ¡ª Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting,Soka Art Center, Taipei
Bai Hui Han Ying¡ª The first exhibition of private art galleries in Jiangsu,Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, Nanjing
ART BEIJING2013£¬Agricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
The Wisdom of The Era¡ªExhibition Tour of AAC,Beijing/Shengzheng/Chengdu/Xi an/Shanghai/Wuhan

The Second Painting Exhibition of Sichuan Province Meticulous Painting Society, Wenxuan Art Gallery, Chengdu
Crossover Concept ¡ªThe Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting, Zhuzi Art Gallery, Nanjing
2012Biennale of National Meticluous Invational Exhibition,Xiamen Art Museum,Xiamen
Between Reproductions ¡ª Dual Exhibition of Minto Fang &Jiang Ji'an,Triumph Art Space,Beijing
Duchamp¡¯Inframince in Painting, Yuan Art Museum, Beijinh
Pulse Reaction¡ª An Exchange Project on Art Practices,Times Museum, Guangzhou
Diverson of Contemporary art value paradigm, Blue Roof Museum, Chengdu
Onward from Concepts¡ª2012 XinGongBi Document Exhibition,National Art Museum of China, Beijing
SH Contemporary 2012,Shanghai Exhibition Center,Shanghai
Art San Diego 2012 Contemporary Art Fair, San Diego, USA
Everything¡ªThe sixth A+A, Pifo Gallery, Beijing
Light Bending Onto The Retina, 18Gallery, Shanghai
Multi-layered¡ª¡ª2012 Contemporary Traditional Chinese Elaborate-style Painting Nomination
Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
2012 Art Beijing, National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing

"Next Door", the 3rd Asian Art Expo, China International Trade Center
Italy in Chinese Artists' Eyes, China, Italy
Philosophical Interpretations of Painting¡ªThe Exhibition of Contemporary Gongbi Painting, China Space, Beijing, China
"Harmonious homes, beautiful Sichuan" ¡ªThe Academic Exhibition of Chinese Gongbi Art,Sichuan Museum, Chengdu, China
2011SH Contemporary, Caissa&Besseiche, Shanghai
Fashion-Art-Space, Lane Crawford, Beijing
Academic Painting ¡ªThe First Academic Exhibition of well-known Artists of Chinese Gongbi Art Painting, Art Gallery of China National Academy of Painting, Beijing, China
Painting Lesson ¢ñ¡ªIllusion or Delusion, Gallery Yang

"Turn of the Century," Beijing Times Gallery
Group Exhibition, Pifo New Art Studio, 798 Art Zone, Beijing
"Two-bedroom Apartment" and "Paintings on Silk" , Beijing Metro Line No.4 Art Gallery
2010 "Changing View" Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Gongbi Art. Beijing Times Gallery

"Two-bedroom Apartment", North Latitude 40¡ãCommunity in Wangjing, Beijing
"Art Exhibition for celebrating 60 years anniversary of PRC foundation", Beijing Restaurant
"Miniature and Delicacy", China Art Museum, Beijing
"Famous Shandong Artists Invitation Exhibition", Shandong
"Academic Invitation Exhibition of China Outstanding Fine Brush Artists ", Art Gallery of China National Academy of Painting

2007 Ji'anJiang Solo Exhibition, Experimental Art School of CAFA, Beijing
"Documentation of Contemporary Chinese Art - The Oriental Theme", Beijing Gehua Art Gallery
"Illusion • Nature¡ª¡ª New Trends of Contemporary Chinese Fine Brush Art", Art Gallery of Beijing Painting
Academy, New Beijing Gallery
"An Inward Gaze- Documentation of Chinese Performance Art", Museu de Arte de Macau.

"2007 Ji'an Jiang Solo Exhibition" K Space 798 Art Zone, Beijing
"Chinese Fine Brush on Silk Invitation Exhibition", Art Gallery of Beijing Painting Academy, winning award in Beijing

Outstanding Artists from Northeast Asia Itinerant Exhibition. China, Korea and Japan
"Calm" Solo Exhibition, K Space, 798 Art Zone, Beijing
"Sweet Homestead" Solo Exhibition, K Space, 798 Art Zone, Beijing

Installation Space, China's Scenery Spots Exhibition, Hong Kong
Chinese Art Today Exhibition, China Millennium Monument

Installation Space, Paris Education Expo, Porte de Versaille Exhibition Center, Paris

Installation Space ,Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt Exhibition Center

The Fourth Chinese Painting Exhibition, National Art Gallery

Contemporary Chinese Art Group Exhibition, Malaysia

"Smuggling" Painting Joint Exhibition, the Alter to the Sun, Beijing

Graduation exhibition, Exhibition Hall of CAFA
"Transition - Installation Art Group Exhibition", Beijing Contemporary Art Gallery
The Second Session Documentation Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition Of the second, Guangzhou

Group exhibition, the University of California, US

China International Year of the Youth Art Exhibition, Shandong Art Gallery

Jiang Ji'an • Achievements
DanQing Award, the 4th Chinese Painting Exhibition

Merit Award, China International Annual Youth Art Exhibition

Jiang Ji'an • Public Collection
"Absentminded" Museu de Arte de Macau
1980 No.1" China Guardian
"1980 No.2" China Guardian
"1980 No.3" China Guardian
"1980 No.4" China Guardian
"Obscure No. 1" China Guardian
"Dressed Vases" Newark Museum USA
"Brightness Favor " Newark Museum USA
"Song Garden No.1"Nestle France
"Song Garden No.2"Nestle France
"insipid No.3 Royal College of England"
"Rural field in Night" European Automobile Manufacturers Association
"Full Moon" Busan Cultural Center Korea
"Bottle and Egg" Central Academy of Fine Arts
"Homestead" Central Academy of Fine Arts

Jiang Ji'an • Private Collection
"Song Garden No.6" Germany
"Song Garden No.4" Paris
"China Fine Brush on Silk Work No.1" Germany
"China Fine Brush on Silk Work No.2" Germany
"the Meditative Mind " Canada
"Peach Blossom under the Wall" Malaysia