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Hang Chunhui
Stories of the Life: Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition

With the artistic creations originating from the artists* own personal and spiritual experiences, we learn from their unique, vivid stories of life in contemporary China. Stories of the Life comes to Adelaide for an Australian premiere exhibition from Beijing to celebrate Chinese New Year. details
Image Study 每 the Logic of Presentation in the Wash and Ink Process

So as to build on the art phenomenon that has integrated a number of ongoing cases, connecting the art ecology and the public image of the art museum, so that the art museum enters the ※site§ where art happens and performs as an ※intervention§ to some extent. details
On the Road • 2014: Nominated Chinese Young Artists Exhibition and Young Critics Forum

※On the Road§ is an enterprise for the youths, in addition to the targeted groups that are the young artists and related art phenomenon, the major participators of the forum and event planning are young critics. details
Reform Art-system by Ancient Examples

It is used to activating contemporary artistic imagination through continuously and imaginatively reconstructing a classical ancient example, and the barriers of times are assimilated with tacit knowledge. details
On the other hand brushwork

Date: Dec 5th 2014 - Nov 28th 2014 Location: Lingnan Art Museum details
Chinese Contemporary Youth Ink Painting Yearbook•Second Round

The exhibition continues the success of the first round, committed to the presentation of the richness, diversity and experimental nature of the creation of ink painting. details
A New Context Derived From Shuimo

The exhibition focuses on a ※cross-cultural§ phenomenon of ink painting, thus it is derived from ※cross media§ in the formation, and creates a context in which spiritual interest has a relationship and dialogue with the spiritual core of Shuimo (ink painting). details
Hue Art in the Contemporary Era 〞The 9th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings

The exhibition theme "Hue Art in the Contemporary Era" is intended to focus on the existence of hue art and its inner spirit in the contemporary world culture and the transformation of Chinese society and culture, pay close attention to its evolution and challenge in creative languages and cultural inheritance, represent the diversified development paths of contemporary hue art paintings, and demonstrate the latest academic achievements details
※Silent Ink§ presented by Mizuma & One Gallery features ten artists of Chinese painting

Onward From Concepts

The "Onward From Concepts - 2012 Xingongbi Document Exhibition" holding by Chinese National Academy of Arts and Beijing Caissa Culture Communication Co., Ltd. will open grandly on July 11th, details
Multi-layered〞〞2012 Contemporary Elaborate-style Painting Nomination Exhibition

Whether easel painting will disappear? It is not a new topic, since the 1980s, ※Neo-expressionism§ in Germany, ※Neo-realism§ in France, and ※Super-avant-garde§ in Italy have given an answer through a post-modern approach: after modernism dissolved the uncertainty of art concept... details
Changing View Round Two 每Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ink and Water Art

In the context of cultural diversity, the question of how to interpret contemporary Chinese traditional ink and water art has been a heated issue since the 20th century. The ※Changing View§ nomination exhibition of contemporary ink and water art is based on this academic perspective and is intended to open the possibilities of a new form of expression for traditional ink and water art. details
Image Creation and Research 每 National College Art Education invitational Exhibition

The theme of ※Image Creation and Research§, is aimed at researching generation context and the function of all the things, in the perspective of Contemporary and Historian, to promote artistic creation and theoretical study, to highlight the status and role of Arts in the production and cultural heritage. details
Art Nova100

※Art Nova100§ holds national tour and artistic activities, establish the extension model of scale, specialization, and multi-channel, designed to set up a high-level platform for young artists to exhibition and promotion. The young artists involved in the project were born after 1975(including1975). details
Philosophical Interpretations of Painting〞The Exhibition of Contemporary Gongbi Painting

Considered China*s most conservative brush technique, the gongbi method of painting combines fine lines with multiple layers of both ink-shadings and colors. Historically the gongbi method has been used to realistically depict figures or bird and flower subjects. details
The Wonderful Times 每 Famous Chinese Painting works Exhibition

By the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127), gongbi was used extensively to illustrate birds and flowers as well. Indeed , the art connoisseur Emperor Huizong(1082-1135) was himself an accomplished bird and flower gongbi painter. details
The Future is Already Here

The discovery of aesthetic, the understanding of art, and the reflection on Citizen life, are the intention of this exhibition. Wish public figure to reveal and share the new taste of the city we live in. details
Academic Painting 每 The First Academic Exhibition of well-known Artists of Chinese Gongbi painting

This exhibition collected the latest masterpieces of fine arts institution faculties across the nation and contemporary fine brush artists, displaying the contemporary, national and academic features of outstanding contemporary fine brush paintings. Exhibited works mainly represent the academic level of contemporary Chinese fine brush painting, displaying high-level artistic features. details
20 Years 每 Two Generations of Artists at Red Gate

To celebrate twenty years of excellence, Red Gate is pleased to present 20 Years - Two Generations of Artists at Red Gate where eleven senior Red Gate artists will each nominate his or her artist of choice. As a symbolic gesture, the works of the two generations of artists will be exhibited side by side to celebrate the achievement of one generation and to herald the promise of the next generation. details
Image Beyond Image: Nomination Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink and Wash

The ten painters present at the first "Image Beyond Image" exhibition are all outstanding artists who are active in contemporary ink and wash field. Their works show various levels of concern for the significance and value of contemporary ideas. The formal language of their paintings exists as a way of interpretation as well as an independent value of existence. details