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Hang Chunhui

Hang ChunHui
1976 Born in Dangtu, Anhui
2005 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing with a Master*s degree
2008-Present Ph.D.candidate in contemporary ink and contemporary ink and water figure painting at China National Academy of Arts in Beijing

Materialand style 每 Hang Chunhui ,Ovation Art centre, Beijing
Hang Chunhui,Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert Gallery , New York

Storiesof the life 每 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition ,Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide,Australia
Being andInking每Documenting Contemporary Ink Art,Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou

Thebright eye of the universe : six Chinese artist unite heaven and earth,sundaramtagore gallery ,New York ,U.S.A
A NewFine Line: Contemporary Ink Painting From China, Metropolitan State Universityof Denver, Center for Visual Art , Denver
The 5thBrewer J.C. Jacobsen*s Portrait Exhibition, Det National Historiske Museum,Denmark
See A PartIn Eye, See The Whole In Mind,The Gallery, Shanghai
Breakingthe image---Methods in the treatment of imagery by contemporary artists fromchina, Si shang Museum, Beijing
SHUIMO〞MeelRevelution,the new ink road , Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing
Image Study 〞〞 Logic of Presentation Ink Wash and Ink Process, Rightview Art Museum,Beijing

Xiamen National Hue Art Painting Exhibition Collections, Xiamen Art Gallery, Xiamen
Flowing Ink Art〞〞2013-2014 Chinese ink art painting Biennale,Times Art Museum,Beijing
ART BEIJING2014ㄛAgricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
QISHE Painting Exhintion_Artists' ideals,Today Art Museum,Beijing
The After 70S Chinese Ink Exhibition, Jinling Art Museum,Nanjing
Hue Art 〞〞Chinese hue art paintings invitation exhibition,YMTart,Nanjing

Hue Art in the Contemporary Era 〞The 9th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings,National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Neo-M身r身ism,Tokyo Gallery,Beijing
Philosophical Interpretations of Paintingj〞The Exhibition of Contemporary Gongbi Painting, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
The Way of Rejuvenation〞The Historical Exhibition of Beijing Art Institute of Chinese Gong Bi Painting,Seal Art Museum
New Ink,Hihey Art Center, Beijing
New Poetry 〞 Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting,Soka Art Center, Taipei
Turn the imaginary for the real:Allegorical images〞Invational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary fine brush artists, Ink Gallery, Nanjing
Shade New Ink Wash〞 The sliced collection piece two,Ovation Art Space,Beijing
Bai Hui Han Ying〞 The first exhibition of private art galleries in Jiangsu,Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, Nanjing
ART BEIJING2013ㄛAgricultural Exhibition Center,Beijing
The Wisdom of The Era〞Exhibition Tour of AAC,Beijing/Shengzheng/Chengdu/Xi an/Shanghai/Wuhan
Forgetting all, Gallery Beijing Space,Beijing
Le 5e ASIA ART EXPO, China world trade center,Beijing

Biennale Italia 〞 Cina, Viale Brianza
2012 SH Contemporary , Shanghai Arts Center
2012 Art Nova 100, Hongkong
2012 CYPA Young Artists Project, Guanghua 5 Art Exhibition, Beijing
The Green Fuse 〞 A Collective Exhibition: Newborn Power, Up Space,Beijing
Slient Ink ,Mizuma & One Gallery,Beijing
Onward from Concepts 〞 2012 XinGongBi Document Exhibition,National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Multi-layered〞〞2012 Contemporary Traditional Chinese Elaborate-style Painting Nomination Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
Changing View Round Two 每Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ink and Water Art, Beijing, China

Visual China Asia Exhibition Tour: Special Exhibition of China*s Experimental Ink Art, Chinese Culture Center, Tokyo, Japan
Representation of Realistic Art 每 Exhibition of Painting, 2011CHENGDU BIENNALE ,Chengdu, China
20 Years 每 Two Generations of Artists at Red Gate, Red gate Gallery, Beijing
To Hold Aloof From Worldly Things每 Contemporary Chinese Water and Ink Paintings Nomination Exhibition, China space, Beijing, China
Academic Painting 每 The First Academic Exhibition of well-known Artists of Chinese Gongbi Art painting, Art Gallery of China National Academy of Painting, Beijing, China
The Future is Already Here-The Contemporary Art Recommend&Collection Exhibition for Star and Celebrity, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
Philosophical Interpretations of Painting, China Space, Beijing,China
※Harmonious homes, beautiful Sichuan§ 〞The Academic Exhibition of Chinese Gongbi Art, Sichuan Museum, Chengdu, China
The Wonderful Times 每 Famous Chinese Painting works Exhibition, Hefei, China
Image Creation and Research 每 National College Art Education Alliance Academic invitational Exhibition, Xixi Museum, Zhejiang, China
Tranquil Game-Artists Group Exhibition, Gallery49, Beijing , China

Changing View Round One 每Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ink and Water Art, Beijing, China
Something Borrowed-Small-sized Paintings of Hang Chunhui, Detai Cultural Center, Beijing, China
Turn of the Century, Times Art Museum, Beijing, China
Eternity: An Ode to Chinese Art , Xiangshan Art Gallery, Shanghai, China

Listen to Your Heart每 Contemporary Academic Ink and Water Art Invitational Exhibition, Fanxing Museum, Beijing, China
The 2009 New Ink and Water Artists Invitation, Wenjin Art Center, Beijing, China
The Academic Gongbi Style 每 China Gongbi Style Academic Invitational Exhibition, Art Gallery of China National Academy of Painting, Beijing, China
The 11th National Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
※A Rock Tale§ 每 Group Exhibition for Li Yansheng, Zhang Guojun,Peng Si, Hang Chunhui and Xu Hualing, 83 Art Club, Beijing, China
It is a Serious Game 每 Youth Art Group Exhibition, Dandeli Art Space, Beijing, China
Miniature and Delicacy 每 National Small-sized Gongbi Paintings Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
Paper East paintings West每Young Artist Group Exhibition, Jiushi Space, Beijing, China

Beijing Strong 每 Color Gongbi Artists Association Annual Exhibition, Capital Normal University Art Museum, Beijing, China
Illusion vs Truth 每 New Trends of Contemporary Gongbi Paintings, Beijing Fine Art Academy Art Museum, Beijing, China
What is Left in Art? 每798Art Festival , Jiushi Space, Beijing, China
2008 International Ink and Water Art Exhibition, Pusan, Korean
Position每 Ink and Water Art Exhibition, Wenjin International Art Center, Beijing, China

Well-known Academic Gongbi Artists每 the Second Exhibition of Youth Gongbi Exhibition, Beijing Fine ArtMuseum, Beijing, China

His works were collected by Guangdong Art Museum and collectors, and were published at many magazines, such as, Art Observation, Artists of Traditional Chinese Painting, Oriental Art〞Finance, and Masters of Traditional Chinese Painting. He has published book of his art work : China Cutting-Edge Artists