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Gao Qian
The Revival of Tradition – Another Approach to Contemporary Chinese Art debuted in New York


Agricultural Exhibition Center of China, Beijing Preview Exhibition: 18:00-22:00, April 30 Open:May 1- May 3, Open Hours:11:00 - 19:00 2015 Closed at 18:00 on May 3 details
Inspired by Fashion

Their attitudes toward the confluence of art and fashion provide us with interesting angles to learn about contemporary Chinese society. details
Image Study–The Logic of Presentation in the Wash and Ink Process

So as to build on the art phenomenon that has integrated a number of ongoing cases, connecting the art ecology and the public image of the art museum, so that the art museum enters the “site” where art happens and performs as an “intervention” to some extent. details
Reform Art-system by Ancient Examples

It will connect between a great tradition of Song Dynasty in China and the contemporary western visual techniques. "Old sentiments" and "dreams", the basis of an old form and a new-born spirit are the imaginative integration of time. details
On the other hand brushwork

Date: Dec 5th 2014 - Nov 28th 2014 Location: Lingnan Art Museum details
Painted Skin: Five Female Ink Artists

Host: Hive Center for Contemporary Art Date: Sep 20 - Oct 20, 2014 Artists: Gao Qian /Pan Wenxun /Xu Hualing /Zhang Yanzi /Zhu Zhengming details
2014 SH Contemporary

A selection of world's leading modern and contemporary art galleries displaying paintings, sculptures, installations, drawings, photography, film, video, and digital art. details
Inner Vision: An Invitational Exhibition of Xingongbi by Seven Artists

Gao Qian draws on his personal history to maintain wary scrutiny over the world of reality, converting disorderly, teeming scenes of modern life into spare, elegant forms. details
Onward From Concepts

The "Onward From Concepts - 2012 Xingongbi Document Exhibition" holding by Chinese National Academy of Arts and Beijing Caissa Culture Communication Co., Ltd. will open grandly on July 11th, 2012. details
Multi-layered——2012 Chinese Elaborate-style Painting Nomination Exhibition

Whether easel painting will disappear? It is not a new topic, since the 1980s, “Neo-expressionism” in Germany, “Neo-realism” in France, and “Super-avant-garde” in Italy have given an answer through a post-modern approach... details
Changing View Round Two –Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ink and Water Art

In the context of cultural diversity, the question of how to interpret contemporary Chinese traditional ink and water art has been a heated issue since the 20th century. details
Hybrid Accents: Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Young Painters of Chinese Painting

Fine brush painters push the formal linguistics and image condition of modern fine brush painting to a brand new level. details
Image Beyond Image: Nomination Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink and Wash

The ten painters present at the first "Image Beyond Image" exhibition are all outstanding artists who are active in contemporary ink and wash field. details
Harmony of Paintings: Exhibition of Paintings by Couple Artists of Chinese National Academy of Arts

"Exhibition of Paintings by Couple Artists" gathers together five middle-aged and young artist couples. details
Philosophical Interpretations of Painting—The Exhibition of Contemporary Gongbi Painting

Considered China’s most conservative brush technique, the gongbi method of painting combines fine lines with multiple layers of both ink-shadings and colors. Historically the gongbi method has been used to realistically depict figures or bird and flower subjects. details
Full Bloom——works by Six Female Chinese Artists

The idea of the “Full Bloom” exhibition started in Beijing; however, it was not carried out until my return to Nanjing. details
Harmony and Beauty: the First Exhibition of Sichuan Province and Masters of Chinese Paintings

Currently a major problem facing Sichuan artists is how to promote the inheritance and development of Sichuan civilization, construct the modernity of Sichuan painting linguistics and express humanitarian goals through new forms and painting linguistics. details
Colorful World: Invitation Exhibition of Shanghai Fine Brush Work

Many fine brush works reveal themselves in front of viewers with brand new looks. details
“Changing View” Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Gongbi Art

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the modernization of traditional Chinese art language dominates the evolution of Chinese art, which has been heavily influenced by the Western art. details