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The ninth Art Beijing Art Fair closed on 3 May 2014 after successfully hosting over 180 institutions displaying more than 3000 art pieces. The many forms of art to be seen at the event included oil paintings, prints, sketches, sculptures, installations, images, Chinese traditional paintings and calligraphy, contemporary ink paintings, furniture and jewelry, among others. details
2012 Art Beijing

Nowadays more and more Chinese collectors of arts express deep interest and enthusiasm about Western artworks, attracting many European art galleries to set their gaze on China. details
Multi-layered¡ª¡ª2012 Contemporary Traditional Chinese Elaborate-style Painting Exhibition

Whether easel painting will disappear? It is not a new topic, since the 1980s, ¡°Neo-expressionism¡± in Germany, ¡°Neo-realism¡± in France, and ¡°Super-avant-garde¡± in Italy have given an answer through a post-modern approach details
Fashion- Art- Space

From November 12th to 25th, 2011, Lane Crawford and Vogue Fashion and Beauty co-hosted an art exhibition of creative device named "Fasion, Meditation and Space". details
Modern Echo: Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary French Art

France of the twentieth century leads the development of modern art, with pioneers of modern French art such as Paul C¨¦zanne and Henri Matisse, attracting young artists from around the world. details
The Asia Pacific Contemporary Art Fair

Insight Within Details¡ª¡ªHao Liang