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Gao Qian:‘the thing’


玉交枝之二 Yu Jiao Zhi 2  

日本金镜片卡纸 Japanese  Gold Carton Paperboard 38X46cm 2016



玉交枝之三 Yu Jiao Zhi 3

日本金镜片卡纸 Japanese  Gold Carton Paperboard 38X46cm 2016



如梦令 Like a Dream  

纸本设色 Colour Ink on Paper  42×88cm 2015





Gao Qian


高茜, 1973年生于江苏南京。1998年南京艺术学院美术系中国画专业研究生毕业。2016年,于中国艺术研究院美术学专业,获博士学位。曾为上海美术馆教育部主任。现为中国艺术研究院文学艺术创作研究院专职画家,国家一级美术师,硕士研究生导师。现工作生活于南京。




Gao Qian (b. 1973, Nanjing, China), works and lives in Nanjing. She completed her master degree from the Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts of Chinese painting. She worked at Shanghai Museum. In 2016, she obtained her PhD from Chinese National Academy of Arts. She is currently working as a professional artist at the department of literature and art, Chinese National Academy of Arts. She is honored with the title of Chinese First Rank Artist.


Her works contain the appearance of ‘the thing’ which is always incessantly chattering in  low voice at one's ear, like lullabies. Thick strongly fragrant colour and fine techniques have lure audience to slow down and listen to the painting. It has not rectified artificially, but lively, natural, and has eastern women's tenderness. Her works have the fine and smooth lines which did not indulge at all. Also have the colour which is refined and temperate and moist, consummate and calm and steady. In her idea of works, she said ‘I regard painting as a kind of solidified time, it is a mark that the emotion leaves in a certain time and space’, which makes her works possess a deep sense of time. As if the time has become eternity in her works.