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"In Ink" artistحHang Chunhui


Hang Chunhui <Daily life - blue and white porcelain> plate Color on paper, wooden relief 62x52cm  2016


Hang Chunhuis cross-media educational background (from sculpture to design, and then to ink art) has not only helped him to broaden his thinking and horizon of artistic creation, but also rendered support for his various artistic experiments in terms of both techniques and vocabulary.As an artist known for his spirit of questioning and exploring, Hang has lately been focusing on two issues, one of which is the relationship between imagery and materiality of painting, while the other discussing the construction of visual logic and its effect on the viewing experience.


In Hangs series Manual for Identifying Butterflies, his paintings, which were made into horizontal or vertical scrolls, were later mounted in fames to be displayed as image. What serve as anintegral part of the entire image are the butterfly specimen, together with the inscribed explanatory texts adopted from the encyclopedia about each variety of butterflies.