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"In Ink" artistحXu Hualing


Xu Hualing has gone to the other extreme of the exploration of linesmaking a breakthrough of ink art by getting rid of outlines. With adolescent girls and young women as her favorite subjects, Xu has unveiled the state of females at ease beyond the sight of males in an intimate female perspective by replacing human silhouettes with multi-layered renderingin transparent water-based pigments, contributing to adistinctive visual experience different from either traditional Chinese or western paintings. Her piece Aroma 2015 No.1 is a representative example of such techniques.


Featherlight No.1 
 240 x 130cm   Color and ink on silk   2015


Xu has made new attempts in his recentpiece Featherlight No.2, illustrating in a large-sized painting the back of anadolescent girl, which looks as standing seen from a distance but floating as indicated by the posture of her feet when watched closely. The artist has successfully conveyed complicated meanings through a simple visual construction based on the viewers different perceptions of partial sections and the whole  image.  


In her series of Painting of silk,the delicate lace and the embroidery needle are all implying the presence of a female subject though there are no concrete figures in the image. The piecePaintingof silk 8, the purest one of this series, is an apposite example of creating astrong presence of a female by illustrating nothing but lace-like patterns in the image.


Painting of silk  No.10 
 200 x 110cm   Color and ink on silk  2016