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"In Ink" artistحMa Lingli

Exploration of the relationships between light and shadow, virtuality and reality, time and space has always been part of Ma Linglis artistic creation. In her earlier artworks, Ma created projected shadows on a wall by lighting up a painting on silk with flashlights. The shadows, though different from the image on the painting due to the varied light permeability of pigments, still bear relevance to what is behind the surface. But Ma has been trying painted shadows instead of real ones in her recent works and tending to set an entire piece of installation into a frame-like box. 

Spy No.1
 48x58cm  Painting installation  2015

This is the case in her work Spy No.1 displayed at this exhibition. Composed of a foreground with two curio stones on the desk, as a reflection on the refined literati hobby of appreciating antiques and curios, and a background showing a vague view of part of an erotic painting along with projected shadows of the two stones, revealing the secret innermost desires of human beings, the artwork unveils the complicated yet subtle relationship between image and semantics, presenting the outward show and the inward essence of human desire in a typically-oriental implicit way. 

Posture No.2

 80x60cm  Painting installation  2015

Posture No.3
 80X60cm  Painting installation  2015