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Gao Qian: Dreams and Confusion of Cosmopolitan Women.

Gao Qian

1973      Born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

1995      Bachelor of Arts, Chinese Ink - Painting,Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts

1998      Master of Arts, Chinese Ink -Painting,Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts

Currently works atthe Chinese National Academy of Arts

With traditional elaborate-style painting techniques as her base, Gao Qian also incorporates painting techniques of early Renaissance painting, 18th century mannerism, and the surrealist forms and concepts found in modern Western art. She is a part of the ¡®new elaborate style¡¯ movement. Her paintings have delicate composition, elegant colors, exquisite strokes and gentle style. Among her contemporaries, she has a unique charm and temperament. Gao Qian brings personal psychological experience into her creation, in the attempt to consistently excavate her experiences and emotions and interpret her understandings of life, history, tradition and reality. As a result, Gao Qian¡¯s work reveals a psychological trueness about the dreams and confusion of cosmopolitan women.



Inkand color on paper