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The Story of Painting¡ª¡ªMa Lingli

Curator: Zhu Tong

Artist: Cai Lei, Chen Ke, Jia Aili, Li Changlong, Luo Quanmu, Ma Ke, Ma Lingli, Ouyang Chun

Exhibition Opening: Dec 26, 2015 4:30 - 6:00 PM

Exhibition Period: Dec 26, 2015 ¨C Mar 7, 2016

Exhibition Venue: Ginkgo Art Center

Ma Lingli's Works and Self-statement:

The completion of each of my works results from a complicated process among which is painting. Cutting, disorganising, pasting and montaging again. It¡¯s like a game of levels; each segment is delicately interconnected, level by level, until the last cover plate is nailed and the work is complete. I always compare this last moment to the final nail in the coffin: everything about the ¡°me¡± of a certain period in the past is sealed in this small box, and has nothing to do with the ¡°current me¡± anymore. I regain new life and soul.

I firmly believe that every person who works in the arts is extremely sensitive, with an ability to amplify and thus manifest something and some sentiments that others cannot see or do not care about. Each artwork, meanwhile, is born from the author¡¯s ideas in different time periods, which has nothing to do with good or bad, right or wrong, but exists for a reason.

-Lingli Ma

White Horse isn't Horse

ink on silk



Posture 4

ink on silk