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Charming Me¡ª¡ªSelf-admired Still Life in Gao Qian¡¯s Paintings£¨1£©

Article/ Zhou Tong

The difficulty of appreciating art lies in how to start, suppress interference and make the soul in natural communication. When every viewer faces the works, he or she will be affected more or less by current mood, surroundings and expert commentary. So far, the collection has become a focus and all artworks have been goods and directly or indirectly marked with the price label. It seems that  confusing auction and exhibition break quietness for our elabrate appreciation and that we and artworks are drawn into crazy money tide together. It is dreamed that we can create or appreciate the works after stopping steps and laying down uproar in our inner world. 

Gao Qian  <Acacias No.2>

Appreciating art is so difficult for an viewer. For the creator, the steady and quiet creation seems unattainable. How to design the journey of the heart, get rid of interference and indulge in pure painting© Opening foreign and Chinese painting history, we can see that, regardless of Paul C¨¦zanne, Claude Monet, Ni Yunlin and Huang Shangu, when we appreciate their works, we will feel nameless shock or beautiful imagination and explore their essence from simple picture and slightly embarrassed strokes. We may find a secret: Only painting for self. 

Gao Qian  <Acacias No.2>

It is the most difficult for a person to confront himself but not other people. Confucius once said, one should examine himself from three aspects every day. In fact, the purpose is to keep soul calm and peaceful. At present, numerous potential painters are gradually out of our sight and the works get worse and worse. Ultimately, the cause is that increasing desire engulf everything. In respect of Gao Qian¡¯s works, there is not affected but only lively, natural and full of inherent restaining and gentleness of oriental woman. The particularly valuable thing is that the quality of the entire works is very close, there is not marked ups and downs in emotion or technology, brush strokes are fine but not arbitrary and the picture color is elegant and mild. The application of neutral color is particularly skilled, steady and with classifical style. The possible reason may be inheritance from the cultural revolution or great time change. Many contemporary Chinese painters love stimulus and leap, the expressed painting mood makes people difficult to quiet, fluctuated in emotion and like restless China. The equivalent is that post-80's generation returns to themselves. Gao Qian¡¯s works present particularly obvious private sense as if the curtain of inner world is opened and there is no darkness but only a young girl¡¯s subtle thought. Everything is peaceful so that people can experience many scattered worries, unintentional elegance and slight recall with emotion.