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A Shadowy Path

Article/ Hao Liang


Hao Liang's work


Land surveyor K in Castle attempts to find a stepping stone to go to the town for status identity, but the seamless high wall and burdensome system prevent him in the front. He waits day after day and may not reach the destination until the final moment of life. For K, all things in the castle are imagined. It is unkown that Franz Kafka¡¯s final imagination is like this, but it seems that this unfinished draft teels everything to me. Many years ago, I lingered and hestitated like K outside the magnificant and ancient castle, Gu Kaizhi, Wu Daozi, Yan Liben, Fan Kuan, Guo Xi, Ma Yuan, Zhao Mengfu, Dong Qichang and other artists built the castle together and that castle was grand, beautiful but decadent and private. Numerous comrades spent their whole life going into that castle and became the member of collective. I idled outside the castle for many years, there was not any shortcut, but I had good luck. After visiting the instructor Xu Lei, I was suddently enlightened. In his opinion, cultivation like begging alms can borrow the best from others to creat works so that a distictive landscape will be available. It is lucky that I am enlightened by the sage, while K only relies on accidental possibility.


Hao Liang's work


After the years outside the castle, I get familar with historical sense of strict structure, I respect him, but I don¡¯t regard him as all and my art should contain more interactive things. The structure of novel, spirit of poetry, phantom of film and other elements flow into my blood. The mastery of basic method of imperial-court decorative painting is like the litterateur for the text. If this extrmely exquisite method can be applied skillfully, I will convey subtle mood in fineness. The works created upon this thought will reveal transparent beauty of quiet observation. Nevertheless, if I am mad about this method, it is possible that I will have indifferent worry in face of this situation in the castle and the collective call can not prevent me from seek for the path to other realms. The solemnity and quietness of Pompeiian frescoes like silver needles prick my every nerve. The future research in this aspect may facilitate me to master a language on the intersection of longitude and latitude and it may pass through endless art world. The enjoyment of carefree journey implied by Zhuang Zhou can be experienced only when we unlock our chains. For me, all of these are not more important that finding that path and the distinctive landscape will be a lake among nemerous castles.


Hao Liang's work


As my knoweldge is gradually improved and enhanced, my opinion on the painting is also changed subtlely and the time plays a decisive role in my changes. At the very beginning, I only want to reflect temporary temperament superficially, but the depth is not mentioned. When I recall that I am immersed in this superficial expression, I will sigh a wild young. Now I am close to thirty years old. Whenever I look back that time, I will realize that every step is so important and maybe this direct painting exploration causes my constant try in painting. At present, the painting materials selected by me should be logical, there is inner logic between every previous step and current form and this situation is like the lost spring finally flowing into the sea. The focus on time state always penetrates in my entire painting process and I am lyrical about every image such as flower blooming & fading, sunset & moonrise, existing state and the memory of the departed in the painting. I chose meticulous painting techniques when I started painting at the beginning, these techniques have been the painting langue form that I am good at and I spend time on each rendering. This process is just consistent with the subject that I focus on. Finery clothes, weird human body, tight bone, withered flowers and plants, blooming organs, bony bamboos and gorgerous castle can be props in my concealed cabinet, each creation is continued like a theathre, some dramas are always popular, but new script will be an experiment of possibility.


The skills improvement and material sublimation have been daily schedule. Cultivation in every morning helps me find a shortcut, but I have not yet known when I will be suddently enlightened. Maybe there is an unexpected scenery ahead, the beautiful text of Peach Blossom Spring is still lingering and I do not know whether I have a good luck like that fisher. At least, pacing on the rough path is full of poetic quality and there is endless enjoyment even if it is a maze.