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The ninth Art Beijing Art Fair closed on 3 May 2014 after successfully hosting over 180 institutions displaying more than 3000 art pieces. The many forms of art to be seen at the event included oil paintings, prints, sketches, sculptures, installations, images, Chinese traditional paintings and calligraphy, contemporary ink paintings, furniture and jewelry, among others.

According to data from the Art Market Research Center (AMRC), over 180 institutions presented more than 3000 pieces to visitors and buyers. Sales were high with over 1000 pieces sold, and at a totalrate 25% higher than the previous year. The average price of a sale was RMB 150,000 with The majority of pieces sold priced between RMB 50,000 and 300,000. Art Beijing saw its fair share of big transactions too. The oil paintings of some western masters traded hands, and one notable sale, of a work by ink painter Li Jin, reached RMB 4 million. 96% of dealers made a deal, and over 50 pieces of foreign artworks were sold. The numbers of consecutive sales made by galleries were outstanding.

Some of the galleries attracting attention at the art fair included Lin & Lin Gallery, HIVE CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART, ESLITE GALLERY, Space Station, Triumph Art Space, Caissa Besseiche Arts Center, Chin Der Jyu Gallery, Asia Art Center, Oriental Mandarin Art Agency,

Alioth Gallery, ART SEASONS, O2Art, LONGMEN ART PROJECTS, Antenna Space, Phoenix Art Palace, Zhu Zhong Art Space, MEBO Culture, JinART Space, Classic Jen Western Fineart Salon, Gu Feng Tang, Frogman Art, Ming Dian Gallery, Galerie Simard Bilodeau, JX Gallery, and others whose collections nearly sold out. The excitement of the trades at the art fair continued even after it closed as discussions were made over futures deals.

Art Beijing is especially concerned with art education and public service, shown by the 13 themed exhibitions and 14 public welfare education forums held at the event. 50,000 visitors attended these eagerly, making Art Beijing the cultural hotspot of Beijing during the May Day period.

In addition, four non-profit institutions-the French Embassy in China (2014 Croisements Festival), Embassy of Israel in China, Mexican Embassy in China, and Instituto Cervantes de Pekin will also hold Art Platform activities to further enrich the 2014 Art Beijing experience for visitors.