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Hue Art in the Contemporary Era —The 9th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings

Duration:18 November – 26 November 2013
Opening: 18 November 2013 (Wednesday) 15:00
Venue: National Art Museum of China Hall 1—9
Organizer: China Artists Association
                   National Art Museum of China
                   China Hue Art Association
Undertaker: The First Cause Creative Co., Limited
Strategy Sponsor: MEBO Culture(Beijing) Co,.Ltd
Special Sponsor: Beijing Caissa Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Jiang Ji'an <Silk & Surplus Value 35>

This exhibition is the largest-scaled and upmost academic national exhibition of Chinese hue art paintings to date. This exhibition includes around 400 pieces of outstanding Chinese hue art paintings by 148 specially-invited, academic nominated and public-selected artists. The participating artists cover the most active young, middle-aged and senior artists in the hue art world, including the most representative artists overseas. The exhibition theme "Hue Art in the Contemporary Era" is intended to focus on the existence of hue art and its inner spirit in the contemporary world culture and the transformation of Chinese society and culture, pay close attention to its evolution and challenge in creative languages and cultural inheritance, represent the diversified development paths of contemporary hue art paintings, and demonstrate the latest academic achievements. With new academic standard, creative displaying form, in-depth academic research and discussion, and extensive media publicity, this exhibition will promote a new perception of Chinese hue art to the whole society in the contemporary context and on a high theoretical level.