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Modern Echo: Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary French Art


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The exhibition site

The exhibition site



City: Beijing

Duration:24 September¡ª¡ª16 October 2011

Venue: Times Art Museum

Organizer: Caissa&Besseiche (Asia) Arts Centre


France of the twentieth century leads the development of modern art, with pioneers of modern French art such as Paul C¨¦zanne and Henri Matisse, attracting young artists from around the world. They break through traditional realism and the principle of light and shade according to academic standards and start to make abstract transformations, emphasizing personality and psychological reality. They are lonesome explorers on the path of creation, but have explored the many possibilities of artistic visual representation, gaining rebirth of artistic styles through self-pursuit. They reconstruct the entire world on the canvass with their talents. Profound and powerful patch structures, simplified and abstract thinking experiments, naive and plain narration or diverse and intense color games are all echoes of modernism.

The pure creative passion and formal innovation of modern French art have merged with and impacted on people's aesthetic tastes and judgements today. The unshakable status of French artworks in the art market suggests the recognition, acceptance and respect they receive. With the background of economic globalization, cultural art seeks profound exchanges and dialogues. The hosting of "Modern Echo: Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary French Art" reflects such a tendency. During this exhibition, more than ten artists' works will be on show, including the master of modern art Amedeo Modigliani, Bernard Buffet, Miotte Jean, Gerard Altmann, Livio Benedetti, Loth Michel, Igor Bitman, Ahmed Shahabuddin, Benoit Basset and Boothman Tody, most of whom are on display for the first time in Asia. The exhibition also tries to revive the artistic condition of that legendary era, presenting Chinese viewers with the exploration of modernist works in aspects such as form and color.

Today, when contemporary works are largely produced, the media and approach used by artists have become more and more abundant, their ideas and standards more diverse, therefore people's doubts and thoughts have increased accordingly. "Modern Echo" brings viewers back to that legendary era to experience the incredible charm of classic arts, witnessing the modern echo while discovering the sound of the future.