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Fashion- Art- Space


Production Process

Production Process



Duration:12 November 25 November, 2011

Venue: Lane Crawford

Artists: Jiang Jian, Chen Ke, Peng Wei, Han Yajuan


From November 12th to 25th, 2011, Lane Crawford and Vogue Fashion and Beauty co-hosted an art exhibition of creative device named "Fasion, Meditation and Space".

Four contemporary artists Chen Ke, Peng Wei, Han Yajuan and Jiang Ji'an displayed their works at Lane Crawford. In this series of works, commonplace objects such as wood, wallpaper, table cloth, furniture, ink painting, sketch, even women's shoes became the protagonists of creation. Yet through the representation of these artists, these objects inspired people to reflect upon and rethink about reality, art and life itself. Through these work, we realized that the extension of two dimensions to three dimensions was far from mere spatial transformation, but rather a transformation of traditional visuality about material existence and surrealist ideas.

The painting device of "light and shadow approach", produced by Jiang Ji'an, exhibted on the second floor was the piece of work that I appreciated most in this exhibition. The room had no natural light and the objects were painted white, with their shadows sketched by pencil. The disordered way the shadows scattered created a marvellous spatial illusion, producing a daily circumstance that was both real and surreal. Jiang Ji'an implied the incredulity of the so-called "reality", that the reality in which we inhibited was constructed, and therefore provoked reflection and rethinking about art and reality.