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Travel of Images

List Price£º£¤160
Author£º Chen Xiaobing
Publisher£ºCulture and Art Publishing House
Publication Date£º2011/9/1
  • Edition£º1
  • Pages£º159
  • Packaging£ºHardcover
  • Printing time£º2011/9/1
  • Format£ºLarge 16
  • Paper£ºUncoated paper
  • Printed£º1
  • ISBN£º7-5393-1580-6

Ink painting has been considered a salient feature of Chinese art. But the emphasis on intuition, perception and contingency of traditional freehand ink painting are somewhat contradictory with contemporary living experience. Moreover, because of the flourishing of freehand literati painting and the advent of camera, traditional fine brush paintings have been gradually marginalized. Under such context, the advent of "XinGongBi" has undoubtedly changed such situation, allowing a painting language that is quintessentially Chinese culture to revive and prosper in the social context of today.

Book Description

Painters of XinGongBi whose works are collected in this anthology are situated in contemporary art context, their works relatively mature, with unique and salient personal styles, such as Jiang Ji'an's exploration of the language of light and shade, eggs and geometric shapes, Zhang Jian's waste land, clouds and sceneries of palm trees, Chen Lin's illusion and birds, Qin Ai's animals and stage setting, Lei Miao's vass and flowers, Gao Qian's still life, Xu Hualing's secret woman, Zheng Qingyu's transparent girl, Hang Chunhui's grey bear, as well as Cui Jin's metaphorical figures. Their works are distinct from traditional fine brush paintings both in schematic styles and in formal languages. They doubt current or predetermined orders and thoughts; they reflect upon old history and its language mechanism; they escape from any set standards and seek absolute freedom in the artistic field; they keep innovating and seeking breakthroughs, yet in the pursuit of novelty and change, they never give up the techniques of traditional fine brush painting. Unlike freehand, which can be completed out of passion, fine brush is time and culture accumulated through tranquility.

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Zhang Jian

Jiang Ji¡¯an

Lei Miao

Chen Lin

Gao Qian

Cui Jin

Xu Hualing

Hang Chunhui

Qin Ai

Zheng Qingyu


Though paintings can convey emotions, ideas and thoughts, yet due to their special artistic language, the effectiveness of expression is limited. The use of language makes up for this. When words record history, they fight against the passage of time; when words record artistic state, they convey the experiences of the artists. The the audience enter the inner world of an artist and the artistic world that he carefully builds through these words. Criticisms of relative works and interviews with painters collected in this book provide the audience with a close contact with the art of "new fine brush". The collective image of painters of "XinGongBi" is also depicted by these excellent paintings and sincere words.Through collecting, arranging and anthologizing the historical documents of new fine brush, this book aims at acknowledging and supporting the development of new fine brush and its achieved success, as well as asserting the viability of the inheritance and continuation of traditional fine brush painting to the present. More importantly, the creation of new fine brush starts with reflection and doubt, which can provide effective expressive experience for the development of current Chinese art. "XinGongBi" will be adored by the audience for its constant explorations in the innovation of language, value and concept, will stand the test of time and history and will go even further in the artistic field.