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2012 Art Beijing


Caissa&Besseiche’s Booth



City: Beijing

Duration:29 April——2 May 2012

Venue: National Agriculture Exhibition Center

Artists: Jiang Ji’an, Zhang Jian, Xu Hualing , Salvador Dali, Arman Fernandez, Youssoupov Ilda, Benoit Basset, Cesare Urbano


Nowadays more and more Chinese collectors of arts express deep interest and enthusiasm about Western artworks, attracting many European art galleries to set their gaze on China. The establishment of Caissa Besseiche (Asia) Art Center in Beijing announces the first step taken by yet another renowned European chain art gallery in their Asian expansion and in their official settlement in China. Joining the "Art Beijing 2012" exhibition marks the debut Caissa Besseiche (Asia) Art Center makes in promoting overseas artworks in the Chinese market.

Caissa Besseiche will exhibit rare artworks by Salvador Dali, the important master of surrealism. Also present in the exhibition will be a classic statue by the contemporary French artist Arman, known as a "contemporary art giant", the merging of a violin and a female figure, as well as latest works by the famous central-Asian artist Youssoupov Ilda.
On exhibition at the same time are classic works by three Chinese artists of new fine brush painting, Jiang Ji'an, Zhang Jian and Xu Hualing. Egg and Between One Line reflect Jiang Ji'an's reflections over light, shade and lines in painting. Self-portrait of Silk is a representative work of Jiang regarding how he profoundly rectifies given structures of art. The Prediction of Medusa is a classic work of Zhang Jian through which he proposes an individual symbolic perspective. Fragrance is a powerful piece of work by Xu Hualing that breaks away from the boundaries of tradition and reconstructs contemporary visual experience.

In order to meet the demands of domestic collectors about overseas art collection, Caissa Besseiche (Asia) Art Center will continue to promote artworks by European art masters after exhibiting the classic works of Salvador Dali and Arman this time.