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Modern Echo- Modern and Contemporary Art of France

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Publication Date£º2011/9/1
  • Edition£º1
  • Pages£º112
  • Packaging£ºHardcover
  • Printing time£º2011/9/1
  • Format£ºLarge 16
  • Paper£ºUncoated paper
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  • ISBN£º7-5393-1580-6

Caissa Besseiche (Asia) Art Centre was established in Beijing in 2010. It is a Sino-French joint venture art organization under the Beijing Caissa Culture Communication Co., Ltd. It mainly engages in business including agency for artists, dealing of artworks, art exhibitions and book publications etc.

Book Description

In October 2011, holding its motto of "artistic", "international" and "academic", Caissa Besseiche held "Modern Echo- Modern and Contemporary Art of France" exhibition in Beijing Times Art Museum, receiving recognition and praise from the media and the industry. With the aim of promoting contemporary Sino-French art exchanges, the exhibition carefully selected and displayed more than one hundred works by almost thirty French artists, presenting the condition of the development of contemporary European arts. It provided an opportunity for the vast number of art lovers to closely appreciate European artworks, promoting the profound exchanges and dialogues between Chinese and foreign arts.

Author Description

Table of Contents


Amedeo Clemente Modigliani

Bernard Buffet

Jean Miotte

Igor Bitman

Gerard Altmann

Livio Benedetti

Ahmed Shahabuddin

Loth Michel

Benoit Basset

Boucheix Francois

Boothman Tody

Madous Dossier

Valido Rino

Youssoupov Ilda