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2011 SH Contemporary Caissa&besseiche

List Price£º£¤120
Publication Date£º2011/8/1
  • Edition£º1
  • Pages£º34
  • Packaging£ºHardcover
  • Printing time£º2011/8/1
  • Format£º Large 12
  • Paper£ºUncoated paper
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  • ISBN£º7-5393-1580-6

Caissa Besseiche (Asia) Art Centre was established in Beijing in 2010. It is a Sino-French joint venture art organization under the Beijing Caissa Culture Communication Co., Ltd. It mainly engages in business including agency for artists, dealing of artworks, art exhibitions and book publications etc.

Book Description

Caissa Besseiche participated in the 2011 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair and hence made its debut in China. During the exhibition, Jiang Ji'an's Self-Portrait of Silk series won wide applause. The works by the European art master Modigliani that were collected by the company received significant attention.

Author Description

Table of Contents

Jiang Ji¡¯an
Amedeo Clemente Modigliani
Livio Benedetti
Igor Bitman